Say hello to gorgeous & gay gymboy Gage Weston!   Probably many of you already know of this beautiful bodybuilder, but this marks his first appearance on Gaypornarama.   These photos – as gorgeous as their subject – are part of the set that go with Colt Studio Group’s Ripped: No Pain, All Gain.  In fact, to our knowledge, Colt is where Gage has done all his porn work.  The studio found him via his profile on the popular Big Muscle site.  That he posted a profile there demonstrated quite a personal journey for Gage – because prior to that he’d been a U.S. Marine for over six years, including a tour of duty in Iraq.  And it wasn’t too long afterwards that Colt – that legendary house of big muscle – put him in front of their cameras.  Talk about coming out with a bang!

Since then, Gage has made several videos for them, including Hawai’i, Man Country, Waterbucks 2, and (his most recent project) Gruff Stuff.  He has appeared in action scenes with such superstars as Luke Garrett (his boyfriend when he first started doing porn), Carlo Masi, Nate Karlton, Chris Wide, and Eric Valentin.

So, if you like this handsome, humongous hunk as much as we do, there’s plenty of him to get at Colt Studio Group! Gage Weston Gage Weston


SUCH AN INVITING BUTT! Gage Weston Gage Weston

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